FINANCIAL HELP WEBSITES UPDATED MONTHLY – financial help sit, tracks spending, gives budget reports based on account and expense info and input (2/10) – store offerings of electronic coupons for grocery cards (2/10) – available resource programs by location – info on free internet services * (1/20/10) – utility, phone, internet plan comparison site *(1/20/10) food program (not income-based) – online prescriptions at a discount – good-quality used items for free through local groups – budgeting and saving help site – variety of store coupon programs – merchandise price comparison site – news, info on bank and loan rates, articles – Better Business Bureau, quality reviews, complaints – legal assistance and information – phone, utility, loan rate price comparison – free service for finding best product prices and promotions – hospital and medical cost comparisons – compares insurance plans, quotes – cash back, coupons, and social savings forum with “hot deals” section – consumer info site, variety of good articles – government mortgage plans for refinance and loan mdification, homeowner info *(1/20/10) – U.S. Government financial education site – National Foundation for Credit Counseling – new national lisiting of doctors and their prices, may be willing to negotiate – college plan options and costs – help for self-employed from professionals – shopping portal where percentage of purchase is credited to education savings account – U.S. Dept. of Labor women’s finance site


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